We are not limited by borders and cultures – we are looking for production partners worldwide who meet our high, ethical and fair production standards. From raw material to supplier to customer, we always choose the best transportation option. Our guiding principles are to choose the best production partner close to where the raw materials come from. We have learned and understood that a strong partnership and high standards do not depend on location or country.
Therefore, we specifically select the best factories from all over the world.

Every supplier passes a detailed onboarding process and is constantly supervised and trained by our highly professional and experienced OA production team.

Furthermore, the Code of Conduct is always an essential part of the contract and our cooperations. We ensure that our Code of Conduct is complied with at all times.

Love Only Does Good is OceansApart’s platform for making a difference by doing good in the world.
Using optimism, love and connection to improve OceansApart’s costumer experience, global community and even how we uniquely live sustainably, the platform reveals how OceansApart is taking big steps to make things more positive and full love.

We maintain a strong and collegial relationship with our suppliers.
Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to support our manufacturers at any time.
Especially in the challenging COVID-19 phase we make sure that together with the suppliers we
are working on long-term production orders and payment plans.