1 Our Code of Conduct

We at Oceans Apart firmly believe that our quality standards are best met through ethical manners and sustainable methods that protect the environment and people. This Code of Conduct serves as the basis for all of our business relationships. It ensures the achievement of our objectives. The specifications given in this Code of Conduct shall be exceeded whenever possible. Oceans Apart seeks to work with partners that promote the continual improvement of working conditions throughout the supply chain.

Our Code of Conduct applies worldwide. It obligates the Rise Up Fashion GmbH, its organisational units and employees in the same manner as all our production, logistics and sales partners and their employees who are involved in the supply chain. All employees of the Rise up Fashion GmbH and its business partners are obliged to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, minimum industry standards, conventions of the ILO (International Labour Organisation), the UN (United Nations) and all other relevant statutory provisions.

1.1 No Child Labour

There shall be no use of child labour. Child labour as defined by the ILO and UN conventions is prohibited and will not be tolerated by Oceans Apart in any form. Employees may not be younger than the age of 15 or the legal compulsory age for completing education, whichever is higher. All suppliers have to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the employment of young workers. No work that compromises the health or safety of young workers shall be done by them.

1.2 No Forced Labour

The Rise Up Fashion GmbH prohibits forced or compulsory labour and any kind of human rights abuses within our supply chains. Prison labour is not tolerated in any kind of form. Employees shall only be employed on a voluntary basis and not under the threat of any penalty or sanction. Employees must not be forced to work through physical or psychological violence.

1.3 No Discrimination

The Rise up Fashion GmbH rejects all forms of discrimination. The Rise up Fashion GmbH particularly rejects discrimination in respect of race, caste, colour, gender, age, religion, political orientation, membership in a workers’ organisation, mental or physical handicap, ethnic, national or social origin, nationality, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. Female workers should not be discriminated against due to pregnancy or maternity leave and should receive equal treatment in all aspects of employment.

1.4 Health and Safety

A safe and healthy workplace environment has to be provided to all those involved in the supply chain. Focal points here are work safety and the avoidance of dangerous practices. We expect a regular organisation of fire drills and the training of employees regarding health and safety. Protective equipment shall be provided by the employer where necessary and train workers how to use it. Access to clean sanitary facilities and potable water are also basic necessities for a healthy and safe working environment.

1.5 Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Association

All our employees and the employees of our business partners have the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of association. All employees are permitted to join or form a worker’s organisation of their own choosing and to bargain collectively without having to fear negative consequences as a result. In countries where the rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of association are legally restricted, the employees are nevertheless permitted to elect their own representative and participate in negotiations.

1.6 Working Hours

Compliance with the legally prescribed working hours must be ensured. The working hours must be sufficiently documented by a time recording system. In particular, the maximum statutory working hours and those laid down in the ILO convention must be observed. Overtime hours should be voluntary and mutually-agreed on and the employees should be remunerated accordingly. An employee is entitled to one free day following six consecutive working days. The suppliers must inform Oceans Apart, if additional overtime working hours are needed, so that we may try to work together on a solution to minimize the frequency of excessive overtime.

1.7 Fair Remuneration

For work completed within regular working hours, all employees of business partners shall receive wages, benefits and overtime pay that corresponds or exceeds the legally valid minimum wage or the minimum wage level standard in the industry depending upon which of these remuneration schemes is higher. The wages should be sufficient to cover the employee‘s basic daily needs. Wage reductions are not permitted as a form of disciplinary action. Overtime hours shall be paid at a premium rate in accordance with the local laws. It should be ensured that all wages are paid in a timely manner and that all employees receive written information about their wages for each pay period.

1.8 Environment

The protection and preservation of the environment is an essential value of Oceans Apart. Our business partners are obliged to have written environmental policies in place, which fulfill or exceed the appropriate applicable environmental protection regulations and standards. They are also obliged to continually work towards the avoidance and reduction of environmental pollution. Oceans Apart seeks to partner with suppliers that implement systems to minimize their negative impact on the environment.

1.9 Transparency

For Oceans Apart transparency plays an important role in our business relationships along the supply chain. All suppliers including manufacturing and material suppliers shall be transparent with their locations of production. Suppliers must inform Oceans Apart about the use of any subcontractors and provide the required documentation. The supplier has to ensure that the subcontractors are made aware of our Code of Conduct and act accordingly.

1.10 Corruption and Unethical Conduct

Active and passive corruption and unethical behaviour in any form will not be tolerated as a means of objective achievement. Anyone who becomes aware of corruption or the attempt thereof is obliged to immediately notify their superiors or competent authorities.

Monitoring of the Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is to be made available to all employees and all parties involved in the supply chain. Audits are carried out by the Rise Up Fashion GmbH itself and by authorised third parties for the purpose of monitoring the standards laid out in this Code of Conduct. Anyone with knowledge of any infringement of the standards laid out in our Code of Conduct can contact us – also anonymously – at the following e-mail address: