Care Tips

Follow our care tips to keep your OA pieces looking good as new — wash after wash after wash.



We recommend washing your new pieces before wearing them. Turn them  inside out, remove any bra cups, and wash similar colours together.


Take care with rough surfaces like denim, Velcro, or open zippers as these can damage the fabric of your favourite pieces. It's best to wash our garments separately from your regular laundry. For delicate fabrics, we recommend using a laundry bag.



Use the sports, delicate/silk, or wool cycle on your washing machine. Make sure to only fill the drum halfway - do not overload it.


Opt for a mild or colour-safe detergent that does not contain bleach. These are gentle on fabrics and help keep colours vibrant.


Skip the fabric softener to preserve both your garments and the environment.


Remember to wash cups separately by hand.



Once your pieces are clean, hang them out to dry. Do not iron.


Tip: To remove any creases after washing, try hanging your pieces near the shower. You can also use a handheld steamer to gently smooth out the fabric’s surface.