To do good, we lead with love

We are committed to ensuring that our products are manufactured in a fair and humane way.

Working with OCEANSAPART requires an unwavering commitment from all suppliers to uphold fair and humane working conditions, without exception.

Our Partnerships

We are partnered with the Fair Wear Foundation and amfori BSCI to ensure that our products are manufactured under fair labour conditions.
Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) audits are carried out by independent experts in our production facilities, while the Fair Wear Foundation team supports us in our Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) journey.
Our sustainable product team maintains an ongoing dialogue with suppliers to address social and environmental aspects of production, and come up with corrective action plans. We also conduct on-site visits to engage with our suppliers on the ground. Read our official Human Rights Due Diligence statement.


Fair Wear Foundation

OCEANSAPART is proud to partner with the Fair Wear Foundation since 1st July 2021.

This non-profit organisation collaborates with its members and production companies to improve working conditions in the textile industry.

The Fair Wear Foundation works directly with factories, trade unions, and non-governmental organisations to promote fairness in supply chains.

In our supply chains, we are committed to:

- Fighting against child labour.

- Striving for fair and legally binding employment contracts.

- Maintaining zero tolerance for forced labour.

- Undermining discrimination in all its forms.

- Supporting freedom of association.

- Ensuring safe working conditions.

- Contributing towards fair payment.

- Observing regular working hours.

- Learn more about our journey towards fair labour conditions in the latest Fair Wear Foundation Brand Performance Check



Since 2021, OCEANSAPART has proudly partnered with amfori. As a leading business association committed to promoting sustainable trade, amfori empowers companies around the globe to run successful and responsible businesses by improving the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance of their supply chains.

The organisation plays a pivotal role in supporting our suppliers by conducting assessments and assisting them in improving their ESG performance. Together, we engage with our suppliers to address and implement corrective action plans that stem from BSCI audits.


Our Code of Conduct

Through our Code of Conduct, we ensure that our manufacturers adhere to rigorous standards, promoting ethical practices, sustainability, and social responsibility throughout the production process.

Our products are manufactured globally, with partner suppliers currently located in eight different countries.

Our Production Landscape

Our products are designed by our team at our head office in Berlin and developed in close cooperation with our local production partners. We currently produce in Turkey, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Italy, Serbia and Czech Republic. Our aim is to maximise the synergies of our international collaboration, ensuring high quality, impeccable fit, and distinctive design.

While we are actively working to diversify our supply chain, we rely on maintaining close proximity between our raw material manufacturers and sewing factories. Criteria such as craftsmanship, the use of modern production machines, and commitment to high social standards are decisive factors in selecting our cooperation partners.

Our Suppliers

  • Yiwu Ruize Garments Co Ltd
  • Fujian Quanzhou Double Diamonds Knitting Co., LTD
  • Greenlife Knit Composite Ltd
  • Cotton Field Ltd
  • Starlight Sweaters Ltd
  • Santic (Quanzhou) Sports Co., Ltd
  • Foshan Nanhai Dali Huaxin Bra Company Ltd
  • Jiangxi Santic Garment Co., Ltd
  • Zhangjiagang Huaxia Headgear Co., Ltd
  • Rushan Longma Garments Co., Ltd
  • Jining Kaixin Garments Co Ltd
  • Jasan Textile & Dyeing (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd
  • Zhejiang Qiaoer Tingting Garment Co.,Ltd
  • Quanzhou Bohai Handbag & Finery CO.,Ltd
  • Jujie Microfibers Corp.,Ltd
  • Norman S.R.L. (incl. Intimidea S.R.O + I-Novi Tekstili doo)
  • Ningbo Seduno Knitting co., Ltd
  • Seduno Cambo Knitting Co., Ltd
  • Quanzhou Tangren Garments Co., Ltd

Resources & Products

We use recycled and vegan materials in our products, always with a focus on maintaining high quality standards.

We are continuously striving to increase the percentage of recycled materials in our products while embracing the latest innovations in the field.

We are committed to achieving this without compromising on the functionality, comfort and durability of our products.

Our Seamless Collection
  • Environmentally friendly due to significantly less waste in the production process.
  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art automated circular knitting machines.
  • Increased comfort and durability.

100% Vegan

  • Environmentally friendly due to significantly less waste in the production process.
  • Manufactured using state-of-the-art automated circular knitting machines.
  • Increased comfort and durability.

Textile Exchange

We are proud to be a member of Textile Exchange. Textile Exchange is a global non-profit organisation that represents leading brands, retailers and suppliers. Textile Exchange exerts a positive influence on the climate by accelerating the use of preferred materials in the global textile industry. They develop, manage and promote a number of leading industrial standards.

Our Quality Standards

To ensure and meticulously manage stringent standards of quality and environmental responsibility, OCEANSAPART collaborates with renowned global independent testing institutes such as SGS Fresenius, Bureau Veritas, and QIMA for each product.

We uphold rigorous compliance with the Restricted Substances List (RSL), as stipulated by the regulations on the registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemicals (REACH). Our protocols are updated to reflect the latest developments and rigorously assessed by independent testing institutes.

Our Care Guide

With your help, the lifespan of our products can be extended through proper care and washing. Our Care Guide is designed to help you make a sustainable impact by reducing water and energy consumption.

Always pay attention to the advice on the care label.

  • 30°C is sufficient for washing.
  • Use mild, eco-friendly washing powder and avoid fabric softeners.
  • Wash garments with similar colours inside out.
  • Use a laundry bag for added protection.
  • For bras, remove cups before washing.
  • Do not wash using chemicals.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not tumble dry.